Product Review – Perfect Gelato… The ‘Speedy’ Way!

Product Review – Perfect Gelato… The ‘Speedy’ Way!Are you looking for a unique product to make your business stand out? Would having the ability to turn base ingredients into freshly made gelato in minute’s appeal to you? The combination of a Frigomat GX freezer and Comprital’s Speed Range could be the answer you’re looking for…

Speedy Gelato – ‘Simple, quick and always ready for an impeccable presentation’

The Frigomat GX series of batch ice cream & display freezers is the perfect platform for the Speedy range of gelato ingredients from Comprital. Simply mix one bag of Speedy powdered mix with either milk or water (depending on the flavour) and pour it into your GX freezer. In minutes you will have perfect authentic Italian gelato ready to serve straight from the machine.

Offer your customers a range of freshly prepared gelato’s, ice creams or fruit sorbets, made right before their eyes! Without the need to invest both money and valuable shop space in bulky pasteurisersProduct Review – Perfect Gelato… The ‘Speedy’ Way!, large batch freezers and display cabinets.

‘The fundamental feature of Speedy is the great taste’

The Speedy mixes have a great taste and flavour like that found in only the most authentic artisanal gelato, to completely satisfy the customer. Manufactured without artificial colourings or hydrogenated vegetable fats and only requiring dry store storage, the Speedy Range from Comprital is the perfect addition to any business looking to get in to the Gelato market.


There are more than 50 flavours in the Speedy Range: creams, fruits and chocolates

Product Review – Perfect Gelato… The ‘Speedy’ Way!


Chocolate, the “Food of Gods”: the most characterising flavour in the Italian gelato parlours. Many years ago, Comprital were the first to use true chocolate powder for gelato products, replacing most of the cocoa in order that the artisan could write, “Chocolate gelato” on their labels and the customer could taste flavourful pure chocolate chips. The years have lapsed, meanwhile Comprital’s experience has grown until the creation of the Elvetia line (chocolate and extra bitter chocolate), for a water-based chocolate products, rich in flavour, persistent, creamy and dense as true chocolate must be.


The fruit sorbets in a bag, without milk or milk by-products, to dilute with 2.8 litres of water, fat free and with plenty of fruit. The Speedy line started in 1985 from just here, with Speedy Limone (lemon) which is still a classic in many artisanal gelato parlours. The addition of fresh fruit gives the refined touch, a drop of lime, a bit of grated peel or a small glass of liquor to conquer the customer.


More than 20 different milk flavours are available, ready and perfect, such as true Sicilian pistachio, Italian hazelnut, and extra pure Belgian chocolate. Comprital don’t make any compromises between quality and ease in use (a bag per 2.8 litres of milk), as a gelato is good only when the ingredients are the best on the market.

For more information on the full range of Comprital Speedy products and information on supply go to or for more details.

Product Review – Perfect Gelato… The ‘Speedy’ Way!

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