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FlavorBurst FB80s Thick Shake Flavouring System

The FB80s system allows you to serve up to 8 different flavours of thick shake from one simple to use machine .

The FlavorBurst™ FB80s system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to dispense a variety of flavours from your thick shake machine. The system works by blending concentrated flavouring in to the frozen thick shake as it dispenses creating a unique, highly desirable product.

This unit can be attached to the 430 and 428 frozen drinks machines, amongst others.

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Machine type: FlavorBurst Thick Shake Flavouring System

Power requirements: 1x 13amp socket

Dimensions: 800mm (h) x 241mm (w) x 617mm (d)

(The FB80s can be placed on a counter or on an optional cart)

Approximate output: As many as your thick shake machine can produce. 

Cleaning frequency: Rinse the system daily, strip monthly

Ideal for all applications including; Fast food operators, cafes, amusement parks, seaside kiosks

Three Flavour Thick Shake

FlavorBurst Thick Shakes

FB80S & 428

FB80S & 428






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