Recipe of the Month - Chocolate & Summer Fruit Gelato Cake

Chocolate & Summer Fruit Gelato Cake

Recipe of the Month

Chocolate & Summer Fruit Gelato Cake

Ingredients – Gelato Base MixCH03

(sufficient mix to fill a Taylor CH03 – 30 litre pasteuriser)

  • 20 litres Whole Milk
  • 1.5 litres Double Cream
  • 4.4 kg Sugar
  • 3 kg Comprital MUSA powder (stabiliser blend)

Ingredients – Chocolate Flavour

(Sufficient to make  3 litres)

  • 2 litres Base Mix (recipe above)
  • 200 g Dark Chocolate Flavour compound (Fabbri deli paste)Cake Ring

Additional Ingredients:

  • Sponge cake discs
  • Sugar Syrup (equal parts water to sugar)
  • Orange Liquor (optional)
  • Mixed Summer Berries
  • Pieces of thin chocolate for decoration.


1. Manufacture the base mix, as per the instructions provided with your pasteuriser. Ideally, allow the mix to age for 4-6 hours before use.
2. Turn the gelato base mix into chocolate gelato using your regular method. Whilst the gelato is freezing in your batch freezer, prepare the following:
3. Slice you sponge cake into slices approximately 10mm thick.
4. Prepare the sugar syrup and flavour it with the orange liquor if desired.
5. Place a layer of sponge into the bottom of the cake ring. Soak the sponge with some of the sugar syrup.
6. Cover the sponge with a layer of chocolate gelato approximately 15mm thick and smooth level.
7. Add a second layer of sponge and soak this with sugar syrup.
8. Add more chocolate gelato to the ring and fill to the top of the ring and level off smooth.
9. Freezer the cake in the freezer for a couple of hours to set solid.
10. When ready to serve, remove the ring. Stick the thin pieces of chocolate to the outer edge of the cake and decorate the top of the cake with fresh mixed summer berries. Dust with icing sugar.

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