Soft Ice Cream Cones - Featured Case Study

Soft Ice Cream Cones – Featured Case StudySoft ice cream cones continue to be a best seller across all age groups. And with the use of Taylor equipment you can see a fantastic profit from the sale of these ever popular items.

This months featured case study highlights the benefits and profit potential gained from using Taylor UK equipment.

After looking around the industry I chose Taylor’s primarily for their reputation, equipment reliability, build quality and sensible pricing.
The after-sales service has been superb, both speedy and reliable, and when needed the service work is carried out by Taylor employed qualified and knowledgeable engineers.
Andy Manning – Owner

They use a  Taylor model C708 (single flavour, counter-top pump fed unit) to serve soft ice cream. You can download the model C708 product specification and related case studies here.

Soft Ice Cream – Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.70
Less VAT £0.25
Sub Total £1.45
Less Product Cost £0.16**
Profit per Portion £1.29
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £64.50
Selling Days 180
Nett Annual Profit £11,610

*VAT at 17.5% **Selling price based on a 113 gram portion of soft ice cream, cone and flake

Why not use our profit calculator to work out your own profit projection.

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