Supercapri from ISA, time for something a little different?


ISA SupercapriSupercapri is part of the latest generation of professional gelato display and pastry cabinets from ISA

Supercapri is the synthesis of Italian design and high-level technical features. It is available as a frozen cabinet for the display of ice cream, gelato and lollies. Or as a chilled cabinet for showcasing cakes, pastries and other treats.

ISA Supercapri

Supercapri Gelato

The ‘serve-over’ design and rear sliding doors help prevent unwanted contact with the products. This helps operators maintain good levels of hygiene by preventing unnecessary contact.

Supercapri has been designed to fit any retail environment. The cabinet is designed to look great as a single standalone unit, or as a built-in shop counter. The different cabinets match perfectly allowing you to create a professional look without the expense of buying bespoke units.

ISA Supercapri Pastry

Supercapri Pastry

The front and side panels can be customised to any RAL colour code, but the standard neutral colours are clean and modern making them fit most environment. The panels can be easily customised, as a result customers can add their own graphics and logos.

Perfect for standalone operation, or part of your shop counter…

The displays are equipped with glass side windows. These have heated chambers to reduce the formation of condensation. The heated front glass is hinged at the bottom. As a result, it can be opened easily for cleaning as part of your daily/weekly procedures.

The Supercapri cabinet operates with air cooling. The air is drawn in from the operators side and exhausted from the lower panel on the front of the cabinet. This keeps warm air away from the operator, creating an nicer working environment. But more importantly, it prevent the warm air re-circulating back into the cabinet which would affect the cabinets operational efficiency.

ISA Supercapri

The ice cream cabinets are available in three different ventilation configurations which can enhance the technical performance for individual users needs:

  • PLUS: single evaporator with double front air out flow, the high angled display provides extra visibility which is ideal for ice cream sticks and lollies, mono-portions and flat filled Napoli pans.
  • PLUS 1: double evaporator with single air out rear flow, the display level is set lower and slightly angled providing a larger ‘area of cold’ which allows the gelato to be presented above the edge of the container without the fear of premature melting.
  • PLUS 2: double evaporator with double air out rear flow, the dual air flow and lowered display level makes the PLUS 2 the only choice for operators looking to make their own ice creams and gelato and present it in appealing piles, or mountains, like they do in Italy.

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