Taylor Model C709 – Equipment Focus

The latest addition to the Taylor range of self pasteurising soft ice cream machines…

Taylor Model C709 – Equipment FocusWe have recently reintroduced the Taylor Crown Series single flavour model C709, the gravity fed version of our top selling model C708.

This flexible counter top unit can also be mounted on an optional cart to make it a floor standing model on castors, and with its self pasteurising system this machine will exceed your profit expectations with reduced labour costs and saving on product wastage, and with the increased serving capacity you are on an absolute winner. The technology assures product safety, eliminates daily cleaning, and only requires complete disassembly and cleaning once every 14 days, or 26 times a year.

Features and benefits include:-

  • Self Pasteurising System – provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products for up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required.
  • Large Freezing Cylinder – a 3.2 litre cylinder allows for plenty of finished product available ‘on tap’ just by pulling the handle.
  • Mix Hopper – one 18.9 litre hopper which is refrigerated to maintain mix below 41˚ in both auto and standby modes. The large hopper ensures there is no need for constant filling
  • Indicator Lights – mix low lights alerts the operator to add mix, and when the mix out light flashes, the unit automatically goes into standby mode to prevent damage
  • Standby Mode – during long no use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
  • Touch Screen Controls – viscosity is continually measured to ensure you serve consistent top quality soft ice cream. Temperatures in hoppers or freezing cylinders may be displayed at any point of operation, and the history of temperatures and pasteurising times during the last 366 heat cycles may be viewed at any time.
  • Top Air Discharge Chute – allows the machine to be placed flush against a wall on the right hand side of the unit, saving on space

And profits can be enormous as it is not uncommon that our customers obtain a ‘return on investment’ in less than 12 months – just refer to the case studies on our web pages to see for yourself how much our customers are making!

Download your copy of the Taylor C708 specification sheet which is the pump fed variant of this machine.

Why not check out the profit opportunities with our profit calculator.

All supported by our service and after-care facilities.

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