The best light duty catering equipment... Lynx400 from HTG Extras

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasLynx400 – The best value catering equipment around!

The Lynx400 range of catering equipment from Lincat could be the best value range of light-commercial catering equipment on the market!

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasThe range incudes everything you could possibly need to start serving great meals without spending an absolute fortune on equipment. The entire range is designed to plug into a standard 13amp plug socket. As a result, installation is easy as no expensive or complicated power supplies are required.

All models in the Lynx400 range are countertop. This allows you to locate them wherever they’re needed. Or can remove them completely when they’re not required.

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasThe Lynx400 catering equipment range is the ideal addition to any kitchen which is looking to add a bit of extra capacity to their cook line. Whether it’s required temporarily for a special function or event, or more permanently to cook specialist items like vegan or vegetarian products. These sorts of menu items should be keep separate from the main cooking range to prevent cross-contamination. As result, you can proudly state that specific menu items are free of allergens or animal products.

The Lynx400 Catering Equipment Range includes:

  • Three sizes of convection oven
  • Four different counter top deep fat fryers and a chip scuttle
  • Six different types of bain marie
  • Single or twin plate boiling hobs
  • Two open top griddles
  • Pizza deck ovens in three different colour choices
  • Salamander & Infrared grills

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The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasThe electric Lynx 400 catering equipment is designed to be portable. The units are compact, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in quality. What’s best is the fact that here’s no complicated set up process with the Lynx 400 series. They’re plug in a play making them ready to go immediately, which means you only have to think about the range of delicious dishes you’re going to create!

The best warranty possible for light catering equipment…

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasA lot of other manufacturers offer a cheap warranty to go with their cheap equipment ranges. Not when you choose Lynx400. All of the product lines in the Lynx400 range are covered by a two year parts and labour warranty which is facilitated by Lincat, the manufacturer.

The two year warranty should give you confidence in the durability and reliability of the products. From a simple chip scuttle to a complicated oven… everything is built to last!

Perfect for…

The Lynx400 range is perfect for any food service operation…

  • Events – The simple electrics and compact design makes transportation and set up easy. As a result, you will be able to create a pop-up kitchen almost anywhere in a matter of minutes!
  • Cafes – Easily expand your cooking potential without spending a fortune. Lynx400 equipment will turn a regular counter into a customised cooking range quickly and easily.
  • Pubs – The countertop design with plug and play operation means you can launch a new menu, offering fried snacks and pizzas, with minimal investment but maximum returns.
  • Add Capacity – the modular design of the Lynx400 range means you can add additional capacity to your cooking range without having to make structural changes or install new utilities. Simply place the unit on a counter and you’re in business!
  • Prevent Cross-contamination – If you want to make sure vegetarian, products remain vegetarian and allergen free items stay that way, the Lynx400 equipment is a great way to achieve that. These cost effective cooking platforms will allow you to have a specific fryer or oven just for these items without breaking the bank!

Made in the UK by Lincat, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers, the series is sturdy and built to last. Whatever the product fryers, griddles, convection ovens, bain maries or pizza ovens – you can rely on them not to let you down.

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG ExtrasThe Lynx400 range is available to buy online from our ecommerce website – HTG Extras

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