The GX Concept from Frigomat

The GX Concept from FrigomatThe GX concept from Frigomat is perfect if you’re tight on space…

The Frigomat GX units double as both a batch freezer and display cabinet in one unit. This can reduce your initial capital outlay by reducing the number of pieces of equipment which you need to buy at the beginning when you set up your new concept. We’d always recommend making your own neutral base mix in a pasteuriser like the CH03 but any type/style of base mix will work just fine in the GX machines.

You have a choice of 2, 4, 6 or 8 different flavour options. Each flavour is churned and stored in its own freezing barrel. You simply pour your flavoured base mix into the freezing cylinder, set the freezing consistency and leave the machine to it… The GX unit will freeze it to your perfect consistency where it will automatically switch into a conservation cycle which intermittently stirs the gelato making sure it’s always perfect to serve. When you start getting low on product, you can simply top up the barrel with more liquid mix and in a matter of minutes you’ll be back up and ready to serve again.

The GX Concept from Frigomat

Each barrel has it’s own controls meaning that you can freeze some, clean some or even leave some empty at quieter times to reduce wastage. The ‘overnight’ function allows you to leave the product in the machine overnight reducing the necessity to clean the machine at the end of everyday.

Learn how to make your own ice cream and gelato mixes, join us for a free introductory demonstration.

The GX Concept from Frigomat

Contact the Taylor UK Sales Office on 0800 838 896, email or complete one of the enquiry forms to find out more information on the Frigomat GX Concept and making your own ice creams and gelato.


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