Top Story - BOO Burger

Top Story – BOO BurgerSay BOO to a burger and SHAKE it…

Top Story – BOO BurgerSet on busy London Road in Leicester Boo first opened it’s doors early in April 2017 with the dream of serving a basic but high quality burger and Shake menu. The owners took over 6 months just to create their burger recipe. So next on the list was to find out how to make a simple but high quality thick shake.

Having looked at what some of the American chains were doing they contacted Taylor UK to arrange a meeting with their local Area Sales Manager, Paul Richards. During the meeting with Paul, they were advised on a number of different options but decided that the best option for speed, operation and quality would be the 430 thick Shake machine with the optional CS1 spinner blender attached to the 430.

Top Story – BOO BurgerThe Taylor 430 has a small footprint on the counter, but it delivers a high output for its size; producing up to 120, 12oz shakes every hour. With a cleaning interval of three days which only takes half an hour to complete, the 430 reduces labour requirements and decreases customer waiting times whilst producing a high quality shake which customers cannot replicate at home.

Serving a neutral base shake mix, the 430 ‘Spinner’ allows the operator to blend endless combinations of flavours into their shakes creating the classics of chocolate, strawberry and banana, right the way through to more ambitious flavour like Oreo® etc.

The Taylor 430 was ordered and swiftly installed by one of Taylor UK’s directly employed engineers to meet a tight opening deadline. Since opening, the business has gone from strength to strength with queues forming to get a taste of Boo’s tasty burgers and thick shakes.

Top Story – BOO BurgerHarco commented, “Without the Taylor thick Shake machine the business wouldn’t have had the quality of product and wouldn’t have been such a roaring success”.

The concept has proved exceptionally successful, gaining the business a great reputation within Leicester, creating a demand for unique thick shakes which potentially was going to outstrip supply!

Check out BOO Burger yourself, they can be found at: 136 London Road, Leicester, LE2 2EH


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