Top Story - De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside...

 Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…Bringing a taste of Italy to Teesside…

Entrepreneur & Ambassador for Richard Branson, Imran Ayoub was already the owner of a successful coffee house in Middlesbrough, Teesside when a family friend, already in the ice cream business suggested he should start making his own gelato to sell in the shop.

Through family connections, Imran quickly established relationships with some of the finest Gelato names in Italy for his ingredients and recipes, the only thing left was to decide who he was going to use for the equipment to make his beautiful gelato.

Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…“From first contact with Taylor UK and the Area Sales Manager, I always knew where I stood through the clear, concise & honest discussions we had” Imran said. “We then discussed the correct equipment for our business and felt we were advised honestly and with the best interests of our business at heart”.

Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…

Frigomat CH04 – 60 litre Pasteuriser

Imran chose a Frigomat CH04 60 litre pasteuriser to make their gelato base mix. It’s flexible load capacity makes it the perfect size machine for most operators as you only have to make enough mix as you think you’ll need – a full 60 litre batch in the height of summer or 20 litres when it’s snowing outside! Alternatively it allows you to make small batches of specialist mixes as and when you need to.

Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…

Frigomat C119 Automatic Horizontal Batch Freezer

The CH04 was paired with a Frigomat C119 horizontal batch freezer. It’s 4Kg load capacity makes it perfect for true artisans making one napoli per cycle in as little as eight minutes. The viscosity freezing controls ensures consistent freezing each and everytime, alternatively the timed freezing process can be used to make specialist products.

Imran used Taylor UK not only for their Frigomat batch equipment but for the whole shop solution which included a ISA Millennium display cabinet for their gelato, two Labor storage freezers and a ISA T5 blast freezer.

“We’re delighted with our decision to use Taylor’s and I know this is just the beginning for our relationship. Through our contacts in Italy and with Virgin/Richard Branson we’ve already started making waves in Teesside, already supplying local businesses with our Gelato on a wholesale basis!” Imran concluded.

Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…

Check out De Melo yourself, they can be found at: 248 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3QP


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