Top Story - 'FIRE'-ing up the Leeds pizza scene!

Top Story – ‘FIRE’-ing up the Leeds pizza scene!Scott Carter, owner of Yoghies Frozen Yogurt in Leeds was looking into introducing handmade fresh dough pizzas, expanding their current offer to give to his existing customers something new and to help attract some new ones too. As a long standing customer of Taylor UK, supplying their Frozen Yoghurt equipment, Scott knew exactly who to consult for advice on the matter…

Scott commented; “I already have an excellent relationship with Taylor UK, we knew we could trust their knowledge, expertise and support.” Scott continued; “We were wanting to do cook-to-order authentic, Italian style pizzas to give us a real point of difference from other outlets already operating in Leeds city centre.”

The TurboChef FIRE is a powerful, forced convection oven which can operate at temperatures up to 450°C. These extreme temperatures bake fresh dough pizzas in around 90 seconds whist creating an authentic smoky charred effect at the same time. The stylish powder coated finish makes the Fire a perfect addition to any back bar where customers can literally see their pizzas baked before their eyes!

Top Story – ‘FIRE’-ing up the Leeds pizza scene!

“The Taylor UK sales manager told us about the new TurboChef Fire, which  seemed to suit our needs perfectly. We were a bit sceptical at the time, not being convinced that it could produce a 14-inch pizza in 90 seconds – but we needn’t have worried, the pizzas are excellent!!”

Top Story – ‘FIRE’-ing up the Leeds pizza scene!The TurboChef Fire was introduced into Yoghies at the beginning of September and has now been making pizzas to order for the past few weeks. It has certainly left a positive impression on both Scott and his customers alike.

Scott concluded; “The Fire does exactly what it says on the tin”,  adding, “Our customers are delighted at the quality and freshness of our pizzas, and they’re ready in double-quick time, absolutely ideal for busy customers on a short lunch break. They are amazed at how an authentic Italian pizza can be done so fast and taste so good!!”

Features of the TurboChef FIRE include:

  •  Perfectly bakes, crisps and heats providing hearth-baked results.
  • Consistent artisan style results, no matter who is doing the cooking.
  • Independently controlled top and bottom convection fans heat up to 450ºC.
  • Cook up to a 14-inch pizza.
  • Small overall foot print – only 18 inches wide.
  • Six pre-set timers.
  • Exterior styling is perfect for ‘Front of House’ operations.
  • Available in different colour options. (Subject to availability)

For more information on the TurboChef FIRE, call the Taylor UK sales office on:

0800 838 896 or email


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