Top Story - I'll have a Margarita...

Top Story – I’ll have a Margarita…When you think of Mexican restaurants, I’m guessing, but I don’t think Cornwall is the first place that springs to mind! The MEX in St Ives has been a local institution for twenty years but looked at Taylor UK to find something new…

Located in the far South West of England, a mere 25 miles from Land’s End, lies St Ives. A delightful hideaway popular with tourists and known for it’s idyllic Cornish charm with views of the Atlantic, where you’d expect it to be more ‘Fish and Chips’ not ‘Mexican and Margaritas’.

Top Story – I’ll have a Margarita…The MEX breaks the stereotypical mould a little; after twenty years, it’s become a well know spot for both locals and regular visitors alike. Located on Gabriel Street in the heart of town, the MEX serves good quality, homemade Mexican themed food and drinks every evening, all year round.

As all successful restaurateurs know, the secret to success is flexibility with a willingness to change and embrace new ideas. Whilst idly ‘Googling’ new ideas, Paul Nichols, owner of The MEX, found Taylor UK and more specifically their range of frozen drinks machines.

Paul commented; “I believe that to be successful in business, you have to move with the times and try new things.”

Top Story – I’ll have a Margarita…

Taylor 430

Paul had stumbled across the Taylor 430 frozen drinks machine. This versatile machine can be used to serve a wide variety of different frozen drinks from milkshakes to smoothies but Paul was most interested in its potential to serve frozen cocktails…

In association with Proximo Spirits and the Jose Cuervo™ brand, Taylor UK can supply a Taylor 430 branded up to serve Jose Cuervo™Top Story – I’ll have a Margarita… Frozen Margaritas. This counter top, air cooled machine looks amazing in the Proximo/Jose Cuervo™ crystal skull branding. Designed to sit on the back counter of your bar, it’s visual appearance works as its own marketing tool attracting the attention of customers and literally selling its self!

Paul added; “Taylor supplied the machine with the Jose Cuervo branding and it looks amazing on our bar. The intrigue from our customers is wonderful.”

Use the Taylor UK profit calculator to find out how profitable selling frozen cocktails could be: PROFIT CALCULATOR

Top Story – I’ll have a Margarita…The Taylor 430 is an automatic machine, once its set up and filled with your cocktail mix it automatically freezes the mix to a perfect consistency so that you can serve perfect frozen Margaritas all night long regardless of the staff on duty. The capacity of the machine means you can serve individual drinks, litre pitchers or (if it’s your thing…) ‘goldfish bowls’ for party’s to share.

Paul concluded; “The 430 cocktail machine provides us with frozen Margaritas on demand. This saves us time during service and means our cocktails are always 100% consistent”.

The flexibility of the Taylor 430 makes it unique in frozen drinks industry. Unbranded versions can be used to serve almost any style of frozen beverage (within reason) from iced coffees, smoothies and slushes to cocktails mocktails and ‘American Style’ thick shakes. Request an free consultation using the online contact form opposite or call the freephone number listed below to find out more.

Visit The MEX, find them at: 3 Gabriel Street, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 2LU

Alternatively, visit their website:

For more information on Taylor Frozen Drinks machines including our frozen cocktail machines and milkshake makers:

Call the Taylor UK Sales Office on:

0800 838 896 or email

*Jose Cuervo is a registered trademark of Proximo Spirits Ltd, all rights reserved. ‘Jose Cuervo’ Frozen Margarita machines are sold in association with Proximo Spirits Ltd and therefore the product used through these machines must be Jose Cuervo Tequila and Jose Cuervo Margarita mix. Machines using alternative mixes/spirits must not have the Jose Cuervo Branding.

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