Top Story - Sundae yourself at Espresso Yourself

Top Story – Sundae yourself at Espresso Yourself

Running a highly successful independent coffee house in today’s market of chains is no mean feat, but Andrew Walker of Espresso Yourself in Scarborough has done just that. Combining great coffee, a great ambience and a friendly atmosphere, Andrew has made Espresso Yourself a roaring success in the Yorkshire seaside town.

“We’d had amazing success initially with our coffee and food offerings” Andrew said, “but we knew that ice cream was a huge seller in Scarborough and we wanted to add that to our product list to maximise sales”.

Andrew contacted Taylor UK and was visited by his local area manager; Simon Holdsworth. “Initially, all we wanted was a small counter top machine, just to get ice cream on the menu”. Andrew continued; “But Simon knew the potential sales we could make and suggested that we would probably require a higher output machine”.

Top Story – Sundae yourself at Espresso YourselfAfter a few discussion about the different machine options and having completed a profit projection, Andrew opted for the Taylor C707 counter top, gravity fed soft ice cream machine. It’s the perfect compromise between operational simplicity, product quality and portion output, making it ideal for businesses looking to add ice cream to an already successful operation.

“In terms of size, the machine was probably a little bigger than we anticipated! But once the summer season came around and the demand for ice cream increased, I knew the machine was the right one!” Andrew enthused. “The machine performs great. The service and support from Taylor’s has been brilliant throughout and ice cream has proved to be very popular at Espresso Yourself and we hope that continues for many summers to come!”

Top Story – Sundae yourself at Espresso YourselfOne of the special menu items which you can get at Espresso Yourself is their Affogato; a generous portion of soft ice cream drizzled in a shot or two of the finest espresso coffee. A deliciously indulgent treat to compliment any coffee shop trip.

If you’re ever in North East of England, pop in a see the guys at Espresso Yourself, they can be found at 13-14 Falconers Road, Scarborough, YO11 2EN.

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