Top Story - The Sloane Bros. and the Franken' Fraffle...

Top Story – The Sloane Bros. and the Franken’ Fraffle…The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. introduces the Franken’ Fraffle®

Having established itself as a leading force of all things happy and frozen in East London, the Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. on Brick Lane do things a little differently to your normal froyo store…

The usual favourites are there like fabulous frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings but if you wanted Bourbon creams or chocolate brownies along with many other toppings and inclusions with your froyo they are all available too! To shake things up a little, they are introducing a new product offering that’s quite simply a treat on a treat on a treat… and certainly not one for the faint hearted!

To celebrate 200 years since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, they are introducing the Franken’ Fraffle®. A monstrous treat combination of waffle with creamy frozen yogurt and whipped cream topped with squidgy brownies, fresh fruits, scrumptious biscuits and melted chocolate!

Top Story – The Sloane Bros. and the Franken’ Fraffle…

Sloane Bros. Franken Fraffle

Sloane Bros. say that their customers love the waffles which they make fresh to order and the home baked brownies too! But of course not forgetting the fabulous frozen yogurt which they are famous for.  The whole Sloane Bros. team put their heads together one evening to make a frozen treat that had it all. A bit of this along with some of that, combining lots of fantastic products all mixed together. They came up with the ultimate indulgent treat with a difference, containing all the yummy things we know and love but married with healthy frozen yogurt. A monster was created! However, unlike Mary Shelley’s creation, the Franken’ Fraffle® is real!

Top Story – The Sloane Bros. and the Franken’ Fraffle…The Sloane Bros. made the comment; “Frozen yogurt is just as good a tasting product as ice cream but with a fraction of the guilt, being low calorie with either no or low fat content. Meaning you don’t feel so guilty when adding those treats like brownies and biscuits to the mix!”

The Sloane Bros. concluded; “The Franken’ Fraffle® pushes those boundary’s a little far… but we all deserve something special every now and then! But don’t forget, it’s a fabulous product to share, as you might need too!”

Top Story – The Sloane Bros. and the Franken’ Fraffle…The Sloane Bros. Frozen Yoghurt Co. use two Taylor C723 twin twist soft serve machines to dispense their frozen yogurt. They are the ideal piece of equipment balancing product quality, output and cost. Each machine can serve two different frozen yogurt flavours, or a twist of the two together. The internal hopper agitators and gravity fed operation make them the perfect machine for frozen yogurt ensuring that a great quality product is served each and every time.

If you’re ever in East London, pop in a see the guys at Sloane Bros. they can be found at 214 Brick lane, London E1 6SA.

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® – The word “Fraffle” is a registered trademark of the Sloane Bros. Frozen Yoghurt Co. and it’s affiliates, all rights reserved.

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