Top Story - Tredwells from Marcus Wareing

Top Story – Tredwells from Marcus WareingTredwells, Covent Garden

West End Eatery

Tredwell’s is the latest addition to the small, yet prestigious group of restaurants named after its founder; Marcus Wareing. The group was founded in 2008 with the flagshipTop Story – Tredwells from Marcus Wareing restaurant, Marcus, at the Berkeley in Mayfair, which currently holds two Michelin stars. 2011 saw the opening of The Gilbert Scott at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Tredwell’s joined the group in 2014.

Located in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden, London. Tredwell’s, with its relaxed informal atmosphere and casual feel still maintains the high standards of service from both from the kitchen and the front of house teams which you would expect from a Marcus Wareing restaurant. Open all day; serving breakfasts during the week, brunch at the weekends, light lunches during the day, pre-theatre in the afternoon and dinner throughout the evening. Tredwell’s is the perfect addition to a community renowned for new concepts, international brands and creative cuisine.

 A quote from Charles Dickens’s – Sketches of Boz, sums up the area quite nicely;

“The stranger who finds himself in the Dials for the first time… at the entrance of seven obscure passages, uncertain which to take, will see enough around him to keep his curiosity awake for no inconsiderable time…”

 The perfect place to launch – “Soft Serve for the Connoisseur”

Soft serve ice cream doesn’t have to be like the shaving foam you get from a van… there is another way and the team at Tredwell’s have proved just that!

Chantelle Nicholson, Operations Director was on a mission to find a soft ice cream machine to produce a high quality product for their dessert menu. They were looking for a product which fitted in with the brand quality of Tredwell’s whist creating a nostalgic dessert which customers could relate to on all levels – everyone, both young and old, loves soft ice cream!

Chantelle approached the team at Taylor UK to find out if a solution could be found…

Craig Beech, Taylor UK’s National Group Account manager took up the challenge. With many years of experience in the market place, helping both independent customers and large multi-site operators, Craig was the perfect person to help advise Chantelle as to the options which were available.

Top Story – Tredwells from Marcus WareingChantelle visited the Taylor UK demonstration kitchen, located just to the west of London, where a number of different soft ice cream products were put through the Taylor machines. Products ranging from the regular manufacturers which you find on the high street, to specialist producers which make a bespoke mix for individual clients. They even tried a few different recipes created in-house.

After great deliberation and discussion (everyone has an opinion!), Chantelle settled on the combination of Salted Caramel Ice CreamTop Story – Tredwells from Marcus Wareing produced using a Taylor 161 soft serve machine. This was the best combination for both product quality and operational ease.

Chantelle worked on a stunning salted caramel ice-cream mix that, when dispensed through the Taylor machine, produced a premium, creamy, dense and indulging dessert. This was a winning formula that brought together the ever so popular soft ice cream we all know and love together with the expert development of an accomplished chef. As a consequence, the Homemade Salted Caramel Soft Serve features highly on the Tredwell’s desserts menu.

The Taylor 161 is a compact machine which doesn’t require any special electrical connections or water supplies, it’s self-contained refrigeration systems mean it only needs to be cleaned every third day of operation. Bigger, more sophisticated machines are available, but the Taylor 161 is perfect; it produces enough ice cream to satisfy demand – 4-5 portions per minute, it’s small, simple to operate and it’s easy to clean – what more do you need?

Nominated for “Best in Taste”, Taste of London 2015Top Story – Tredwells from Marcus Wareing

The salted caramel soft serve dessert at Tredwell’s has proved so successful it was voted to be considered for the “Best in Taste” award at the Taste of London event held annually in Regents Park, London. Unfortunately it didn’t win, but there’s always room for improvement and there’s next year…

Lack of award success didn’t dampen people’s enthusiasm for the product though, Chantelle Nicholson added, “The festival was a phenomenal success, as was our salted caramel soft serve. We sold over 2000 portions over the four and half days we were there”.

Why don’t you visit Tredwell’s and try their Salted Caramel soft serve for yourself? It can be found at:

Tredwells, 4A Upper St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2H 9NY

For more information on Taylor soft ice cream equipment, contact Taylor UK on:

0800 838 896 or email:

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