Top Tip - Don't forget to lube the shaft...

Top Tip – Don’t forget to lube the shaft…Soft serve and frozen drinks machines

 When you clean your Taylor soft serve or frozen drinks machine and prepare it for reassembly, it is imperative that you fill the boot seal on the drive shaft with sufficient Taylor lubricant and smear lube on the smooth section of the drive shaft BUT NOT the hex end of the shaft.

Ensuring that this is carried out correctly will allow the beater frame to spin freely and prevents any mix leaking through into the black drip tray and ultimately into the workings of the machine. If liquid mix does leak through a correctly lubricated boot seal, check it for signs of damage or if it’s stretched as it maybe time to replace the seal with a new one.

 Don’t forget to lube all of the other o-rings on the machine as well!


Top Tip – Don’t forget to lube the shaft…

Fully lubricate the shaft and boot seal.

Top Tip – Don’t forget to lube the shaft…

DO NOT lube the hex end before you install it.



For more information on maintaining your Taylor Machine

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