How to keep your refrigerated display working well?

Follow these simple tips and you’ll keep your refrigerated and frozen display cabinets working at their optimum!


Switch it off once a week…

How to keep your refrigerated display working well?Removing your products from your display once a week and allowing the unit to completely defrost will ensure that the internal components don’t become overwhelmed with frost, this is especially important if your store has a relatively high humidity. Ice build up on the evaporators restricts airflow, reducing efficiency ultimately increasing energy consumption. In extreme circumstances, this can lead to a failure of the compressor resulting in the cabinet failing.

Turning your cabinet off once a week also gives you the opportunity to clean it properly. A cabinet which spends most of it’s time at minus 18 degrees is impossible to clean effectively! But remember – do not pour too much water into the base of the unit as it will leak through the bottom.

Clean the condenser once a month…

How to keep your refrigerated display working well?Usually located on the operators side of the display cabinet, the condenser dissipates the heat from the cabinet into the surrounding air. Restricting this airflow will cause the cabinet to lose it’s efficiency and in time may result in the cabinet ceasing to operate. This is easily prevented by removing the build up of dust from the external surfaces of the condenser housing using a either a soft bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner. Cabinets like the ISA Millennium have a built in filter which traps dust before it reaches the condenser, remove this periodically to ensure the air can pass through unrestricted.

As the condensers tend to be positioned at low levels, it’s easy to obstruct them with packaging, boxes or even with the rubbish bin. Try to prevent doing this, if the hot air cannot escape it will get sucked back into the cabinet causing it to work harder and potentially heat up the chilled areas of the unit.

Don’t over fill the cabinet…

How to keep your refrigerated display working well?On every ISA chilled or frozen display cabinet, there is a red maximum load line. If your products protrude excessively above these lines it may restrict the airflow around the cabinet causing ‘warm spots’ reducing the effectiveness of the cabinet. In ice cream displays, product which is piled up quite high may not be frozen completely and may show signs of melting as it may be outside of the vale of cold air.


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