Turbo Charged Baguette Express

Turbo Charged Baguette ExpressIhsan Bashir opened his Baguette Express franchise in March, 2012 in one of London’s major financial & office district’s just a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf. Boldly choosing to open literally right next door to one of the world’s largest sandwich take away chains and take them head on!

Turbo Charged Baguette ExpressIhsan encountered all of the usual complications when trying to compete with a major international chain, however with a different approach and menu, the business is growing rapidly. The introduction of a TurboChef Tornado 2 rapid cook oven has allowed the business to expand, giving them opportunity to add different product lines which can be cooked to order and fast!

Ihsan commented that he has noticed a significant increase in the business and the takings. “Since installing the Tornado 2 oven, not only are we cooking customer’s orders in a fraction of the time that it used to take using a traditional Panini grill, but the oven has allowed us to introduce more interesting product lines; such as 12″ Pizza’s, hot Samosa’s, toasted sandwiches, not to mention the fantastic Baguette’s which we were already doing!”

Turbo Charged Baguette ExpressIhsan added “The main reason for purchasing this oven was to speed up the time which customer had to wait for their hot food. This time has been reduced by 50%, allowing us to serve twice as many people in the same time period, resulting in twice as much profit!”

“A happy side effect of installing the oven was that we no longer need to use our old conventional oven, we are now using the TurboChef to bake off our par baked bread, negating the need to use a traditional oven. It takes a fraction of the time and the energy using the TurboChef due to the efficiency of the oven, so it saves us money as well.”

In conclusion, Ihsan added, “In just 6 months this oven has proved itself, so much so that I am about to place an order for an additional oven, as it has allowed me to take on the big boys (next door) and compete with them, my business and turnover is increasing day by day, at this rate I might need a third oven before too long!”


Turbo Charged Baguette ExpressIn a closing comment, Ihsan added, “I would have no hesitation in recommending the TurboChef range to anyone wanting to add a significant benefit to their business. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, but they allow you to offer a fantastic product cooked incredibly well in a very quick time. Ultimately my customers keep coming back through the door, which can’t be a bad thing can it?”

Check out Baguette Express for yourself; Baguette Express, South Quay Plazza, London, E14 9SH

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