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Case Study – Carats Cafe Bar

TurboChef i3

“We looked at a number of oven suppliers before choosing a TurboChef oven from Taylor UK. Why did we choose a TurboChef oven?”

“Well, primarily due to its compact size, electricity supply as opposed to gas, fast cooking and the convenience of being able to cook to order and reduce our food wastage in doing so. We have been pleased with our choice, particularly with the quality and finish of our food.”

Chris Kraszewski – Owner

Lasagne – Profit Projection

Selling Price £7.50
Less VAT* £1.50*
Sub Total £6.50
Less Product Cost £1.60
Profit per Portion £4.40
Average Daily Servings 15
Nett Daily Profit £66.00
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £23,760.00**


*VAT at 20% **Projected sales based on one product.

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