How Do You Check Your Soft Serve Scraper Blades?

Soft Serve Scraper Blades Damaged (or missing) scraper blades are one of the most common operator related call outs on Taylor Crown Series soft serve machines. They are an important part for the efficient running of your soft serve machine, but most importantly, they are crucial for maintaining a high quality, consistent product. Below is a simple guide to scraper blades and how to check if yours need replacing. Scraper blades cut the coldest, firmest product from the wall of the freezing cylinder. ... Read more
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How to Look After Your Grill Release Sheets?

The Taylor Crown Series of grills are an amazing piece of equipment. Having the ability to grill items twice as fast as conventional griddles by cooking from both sides at the same time is a major advantage for any food service operator whether you're a burger restaurant, fast food take away or theme park concession. Unfortunately every 'Yin' has a 'Yang' has a pay off  for cooking faster and turning tables quicker is that you need to look after your release ... Read more
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Why Does My Display Cabinet Struggle in Warm Weather?

Do your refrigerated or frozen display cabinets sometimes struggle to maintain their temperatures in the warm and humid weather? There maybe a very simple solution... Refrigerated and frozen displays usually work in one of two ways: Static - these cabinets have a refrigerated panel located withing the cabinet which radiates cold into the chamber. Ventilated - these cabinets have an evaporator hidden in the bottom of the cabinet with a fan which actively blows the cold air around the cabinet. Both styles can suffer from the ... Read more
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Top Tip – BLAST IT!

Make your homemade ice creams and Gelato's last longer in the deep freeze... Do you take the time to make your own ice creams and gelato? Would you like it to have a better shelf life in your storage freezer? Blast Freezing it in an ISA Zero Blast freezer could be the answer! When you churn ice cream in a batch freezer, the dispensed product is only usually about minus 7 or 8 degrees centigrade. This is much warmer than the ideal serving temperature ... Read more
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How to Clean Your Taylor Food Service Equipment?

Every piece of equipment used in the food service industry needs to be cleaned properly to maintain high food safety standards and to ensure that it keeps working in the correct manner, whether it's a TurboChef rapid cook oven or a Taylor soft serve freezer. Each equipment type needs to be cleaned in using the correct type of cleaner but do you know the difference between the different types of cleaner? Step 1 - Choose the correct type of machine cleaning chemical There are ... Read more
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Top Tip – Turn a Sota into a Panini

 All you need is a new grill rack... By simply purchasing a Grill Rack for your TurboChef Sota you can turn it into a TurboChef Panini. This simple addition allows you to serve toasties, wraps and paninis with the traditional 'bar marks'.         (Please note: the addition of the grill rack may limit the cooking ability of the oven, reducing the range of products being cooked) Steps for Operating the TurboChef Sota Oven: Control Panel displays “TurboChef Sota Oven Off, Ready To Clean”. (Photo 1) Ensure ... Read more
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How to Stop Your Frozen Machine from Blowing a Fuse?

Do you have a frozen drink machine, soft serve freezer or oven which runs on a standard 13 amp plug? Has it suddenly stopped working for no reason? The first thing to check on any machine which plugs into a regular power outlet is the fuse. Some machines can operate quite close to the maximum rating when the motors and compressor are running and under some circumstances this can spike the power enough to cause the fuse to blow. If the fuse does blow, ... Read more
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Top Tip – Who doesn’t like a nice bit of stirring?

Making up a powdered mix... Do you use a powdered soft serve mix like Taylor UK's Frozen Yopiu powder? Do you suffer from a slightly inconsistent finished product some times? Preparation is the key...   Everyone likes a good bit of stirring from time to time - this is one of those times! The biggest mistake which we see at Taylor UK is lack of preparation time when mixing up a powdered soft serve mix; whether it's Taylor UK's Frozen Yopiu powder, Caterlinks 'Fabbri Super Soft' ... Read more
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Top Tip – Don’t forget to lube the shaft…

Soft serve and frozen drinks machines  When you clean your Taylor soft serve or frozen drinks machine and prepare it for reassembly, it is imperative that you fill the boot seal on the drive shaft with sufficient Taylor lubricant and smear lube on the smooth section of the drive shaft BUT NOT the hex end of the shaft. Ensuring that this is carried out correctly will allow the beater frame to spin freely and prevents any mix leaking through into the black drip ... Read more

How to keep your refrigerated display working well?

Follow these simple tips and you'll keep your refrigerated and frozen display cabinets working at their optimum!   Switch it off once a week... Removing your products from your display once a week and allowing the unit to completely defrost will ensure that the internal components don't become overwhelmed with frost, this is especially important if your store has a relatively high humidity. Ice build up on the evaporators restricts airflow, reducing efficiency ultimately increasing energy consumption. In extreme circumstances, this can lead to ... Read more
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