Clive Creates a Chill in Cambridge

Clive Creates a Chill in CambridgeClive Yapyoung creates a “CHILL” in Cambridge with the cities first stand alone frozen yogurt shop with the unique ISA cold stone counter, they are definitely mixing it up… 

Clive Creates a Chill in CambridgeOpening its doors for the first time in January 2014, Clive Yapyoung had realised a plan which he had been working on for over a year. Located on the historic Green Street, Clive has brought a piece of London’s Frozen Yogurt culture to the heart of Cambridge, giving his customers the opportunity to purchase unique frozen yogurt and smoothies made with the best ingredients which are low in calories and fat free.

When Clive began planning the Chill concept, he investigated the current frozen yogurt market mainly based in London and quickly found that Taylor UK and the equipment they supply is core of most yogurt shops out there. Clive stated “With the largest range of frozen yogurts machines on the market, Taylor UK had the greatest depth of industry knowledge and experience”.

Clive Creates a Chill in CambridgeClive contacted Taylor UK for an initial consultation with one of the dedicated sales team; this lead to a one-to-one demonstration at Taylor UK’s development kitchen, to see some of the possible equipment which he may use in his store.  And also gave him the opportunity to taste test different frozen yogurt products available on the market. Clive placed an order on the day for a twin flavour 161 and single flavour 152.

While Clive was at the Taylor UK development kitchen he noticed a piece of equipment that would be the “theatre” for his shop; the ISA B-Mix gelato cold stone. Having a B-Mix cold stone would allow Clive to offer something truly unique to the frozen yogurt market. Clive calls this a “Mash Up”. In simple terms, it is a portion of frozen yogurt placed on a the -16°C cold stone and blended by hand with various ingredients chosen by the customer which include fresh fruits, candies and sauces. The whole “Mash UP” is then served in a waffle basket.  The Mash Up retails at £4.90, with other frozen yogurt items selling for £2.80 – £3.95.

Clive Creates a Chill in CambridgeClive commented “I’m really pleased with the Taylor and ISA equipment, the machines provide the best quality frozen yogurt possible and we are quickly building a strong reputation in our first few months of trading. Last Saturday we sold over 300 portions of frozen yogurt, I’m now planning to open more shops throughout Cambridgeshire in the coming years and use Taylor equipment as the core of our business”.

Clive added “Our initial idea was to open a frozen yogurt bar which the Cambridge community could relate to, so when you walk into our shop you instantly get that feel, with our map of the whole of Cambridge painted on one wall and a mural by a local famous artist on the other wall. Now we are looking to offering themed nights every week, so we are very excited about the future”.

Check out Chill for yourself at 40 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JX – Open 11am – 6pm

For more information on Frozen Yogurt machines, the ISA range of cabinetry or any of the products supplied by Taylor UK, call free on 0800 838896, e-mail us at or visit our website at


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