Equipment Review - The NEW ISA Il Gelataio

Pozzetti Gelato DisplayEquipment Review – The NEW ISA Il Gelataio

Taylor UK is proud to introduce the brand new ISA il Gelataio pozzetti gelato display cabinet to the UK ice cream market place.

The Gelataio is a traditional Italian ice cream cabinet re-invented for the modern age using cutting edge technology and contemporary stylish design.


Equipment Review – The NEW ISA Il Gelataio

The Gelataio has pozzetti basins that allows for the excellent conservation of ice cream and gelato whilst maintaining the theatre and mystique surrounding truly amazing frozen desserts.

It’s the perfect cabinet for artisans looking to make their own gelato and serve it perfectly.

Wide operational flexibility and the ability to simultaneously manage up to three different operating temperatures within the single unit allows for the perfect preservation and serving temperatures to be maintained at all times, whether you’re serving sorbets, gelatos or ice creams.

The revolutionary use of a static induction refrigeration system, thanks to the exclusive “Multiple” technology, does not require defrosting operations and frequent maintenance proceduresEquipment Review – The NEW ISA Il Gelataio making it the perfect addition to any busy restaurant, cafe, bistro or bar…

Available in several configurations and manufactured from materials such as stainless steel with mirror finish or coloured Corian® worktops making the customisable to fit almost every business.

The Il Gelataio represents the ideal solution for free-standing installations and outdoor promotional sales, adding a great touch of retro style and contemporary charm.

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