Ventless cooking - part of the 'new normal'

Socially distanced kitchens are going to be the ‘new normal’

But how do you create a responsible kitchen, with adequate social distancing to protect your valuable staff members and customers?

One solution could be to create isolated food preparation or food serving areas. Chefs could work independently from one another avoiding close contact, respecting good social distancing albeit a little antisocially! Another idea could be to move some of the menu items, snacks and nibbles for example, to the front of house areas taking pressure off of the kitchen and keeping customer satisfied and served quickly.

Independent preparation areas will need their own cooking equipment. This could be difficult with some traditional equipment as regular ovens and fryers will require extraction systems which may be impractical or prohibitively expensive to install.

Ventless cooking equipment could be the solution…

Ventless cooking platforms like Pratica rapid cook ovens or Quality Fry fryers are self-contained units which contain different technologies that processes the air within the cooking chamber, scrubbing it of excess grease and odours before releasing it into the working environment. This allows ventless ovens and fryers to located almost anywhere.

Ventless cooking – part of the ‘new normal’The Pratica range of rapid cook or, if you prefer, speed ovens uses an internal catalytic converter to scrub the air within the cook chamber of the oven. This process chemically changes the composition of the air, combusting the organic particles at high temperatures into inert, harmless compounds. The process is automatic, clean and does not taint the food in anyway. A unique feature of the Pratica range of speed ovens is that the catalytic converter can be easily removed and carefully cleaned which ensures the air scrubbing process remains efficient and effective at all times.

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Ventless cooking – part of the ‘new normal’The Fast Chef Elite+ range of ventless fryers are fully enclosed units which utilises a condensation filtration system. When menu items items are frying, the internal extraction system actively sucks the moisture and vaporised grease from the frying chamber. The condensation coil traps the moisture from the air, collecting it in a easy to empty tank in the base of the machine. The air is then passed through a number of filters, one of which is packed with activated carbon to trap any grease and neutralise any odours before the air is finally released back into the working environment.

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Since ventless cooking technologies are sealed, self-contained units they have the added advantages of saving energy, reducing operational costs. The thermal insulation in the walls of the units keeps the heat within the unit ensuring consistent results with fast recovery times. The external surfaces of the machines only get warm to the touch, making them ideal for smaller or tighter areas as they won’t harm staff members if they accidentally touch the unit and they won’t make the ambient temperatures too uncomfortable to work in either!

Split your kitchen into starters and mains…

You could divide your kitchen in two… Chef’s preparing the main courses will always need the full cooking range but with a Pratica speed oven and a Fast Chef Elite+ fryer you could keep your starters section separate. These two pieces of equipment would allow you create a huge variety of hot starters ranging from toasted bruschetta and garlic bread to crisp calamari or Jalapeno poppers, and everything in between!  This would ensure suitable social distancing whilst potentially increasing efficiency and throughput as chefs won’t be trying to use the same equipment.

Don’t currently serve food or have a proper kitchen?

A ventless cooking platform is the perfect solution for you. Either the Fast Chef Elite+ Carrousel or the Pratica Copa oven could be installed on a back bar or counter allowing the operator to cook, heat, or toast a wide range of hot snack and light meal items from either chilled or frozen quickly to order. This will add value to your offer and give your customers a reason to keep coming back or even better, stay for another drink!

Does it sound sound interesting? We have a range of payment options to suit your circumstances:

  1. Payments in full receive an additional 5% discount
  2. ‘Low Start’ Lease Agreements – reduce your monthly payments by 50% for the first six months
  3. Pay over 3 Months – 50% deposit, 30% 30 days from delivery, 20% 60 days from delivery

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