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Case Study – Al Jumeriah

Taylor 152 – Blended Shakes & Desserts

“We have operated a non-Taylor soft ice cream machine in our business for a few years, during that time we’ve had a consistent stream of problems with it.

We ‘Googled’ “what is the best ice cream machine?” and Taylor were consistently rated the best.

Following a consultation with our local Taylor UK Sales Manager, we decided to purchase a Taylor model 152 counter top soft serve freezer.

We are so pleased with the machine, we should have made the change years ago, it makes a far superior finished product to what we had before.

Umar Sheikh – Owner

12oz Blended Shake – Profit Example

Selling Price £5.00
Less VAT* £0.84*
Sub Total £4.16
Less Product Cost £0.55**
Profit per Portion £3.61
Average Daily Servings 35
Nett Daily Profit £126.35
Selling Days 330
Nett Annual Profit £41,695.50


*VAT at 20% on ‘Luxury Shakes’ **Product cost example provided by Al Jumeriah


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