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Case Study – Coffi Co.

Taylor 428 – ‘Freak Shakes’

“We recognised that shakes were rapidly increasing in popularity and knew we had to produce something special with consistency in order to get ahead of the market”.

“Following a consultation with Taylor UK, we decided to purchase a Taylor 428 shake freezer. The machine provides us with the base for all of our shakes and allows us the flexibility to develop and change our very popular ‘Freak Shakes’ to suit our target customers”.

“Our success has been higher than we’d ever imagined and as a result we have purchased machines for all three of our stores”.

Justin Carty – Owner

Freak Shakes – Profit Example

Selling Price £4.75
Less VAT* £0.80*
Sub Total £3.95
Less Product Cost £0.90**
Profit per Portion £3.05
Average Daily Servings 80
Nett Daily Profit £244.00
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £87,840.00


*VAT at 20% on ‘Luxury Shakes’ **Product cost example provided by Coffi Co..


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