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Case Study – Noggin’s Old Fish Bar

Taylor 428 Flavor Blend

“Shakes have always been very popular at Noggins, we recently upgraded our 16 year old shake freezer, which needed replacing, to a new Taylor 428 with Flavor Burst. It has allowed us to add five new flavours to our offer on top of the four we served originally.”

“Offering a wider choice of shakes has kept our loyal customers coming back and has also increased sales to new customers.”

Mark Pippen – Owner

16oz Flavor Burst Shakes – Profit Example

Selling Price £2.00
Less VAT* N/A*
Sub Total £2.00
Less Product Cost £0.39**
Profit per Portion £1.61
Average Daily Servings 32
Nett Daily Profit £51.52
Selling Days 300
Nett Annual Profit £15,456.00


*Zero % VAT on takeaway milkshake products **Product cost for 16oz FlavorBurst shake, figure supplied by client.


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