Equipment Review - Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch Freezer

Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch FreezerGelato is exploding in the UK, deeply rooted in Italian culinary history. With bright attractive colours, intense flavours, smooth velvety texture and natural ingredients, gelato fulfils your customers desire for a simple indulgence and pleasure.

Visually, Gelato is amazing when decorated and displayed correctly, thereby driving customer curiosity and appeal which undoubtedly will lead to high levels of sales and profitability.

The Taylor by Frigomat C116 is the king and giant in the gelato / ice cream market. Having a massive output but still compact and floor standing it can fit perfectly into most restaurants, dessert parlours, hotels, garden centres etc. As a general guide the C116 will make up to 5 X 5 litres Napoli’s of product every 10 minutes which is enough for even the busiest of ice cream parlours. The C116 is manufactured in Italy by Frigomat.

With all these features:

Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch Freezer

Automatic Batch Freezers

Hourly production –  75 – 90Kg, approximately five to six batches per hour.

Load per cycle – 4 – 15 Kg liquid base mix.

Electronic control; auto and semi-automatic cycles – 

  • Auto-drying cycle that identifies the optimum consistency according to the type and amount of mixture.
  • Semi-automatic drying cycle with consistency level programming.
  • Two granite cycles: with the programming of the consistency level and continuous agitation or programming of the working time and cyclic agitation.
  • Automatic endurance maintenance at the end of cycle.
  • High efficiency direct expansion cylinder.
  • Steel mixer with mobile scraper shoes.
  • Extraction in high speed with “cold extraction” option for optimum consistency of the product.
  • Monoblock steel door with double safety on the opening of the grill and door.
  • The IES electronics introduces a new consistency acquisition system that further enhances precision in different operating conditions.

High Precision – The electronic IES features a new consistency control system that further improves the precision of the freezing process during different working conditions.

Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch FreezerSafety – The freezer door has a double safety system on the hopper grid, if the grid is lifted or the door opened, the beater immediately stops in order to avoid any accidents. The door features an additional grid on the ejection orifice to prevent any injury. All control panels are low voltage.

Efficiency – The C116 features a stainless steel beater with removable flexible scrapers to ensure efficient freezing to help maintain quality.

Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch Freezer

‘Stacked’ 5 litre Napolis

Variable batch size – High production flexibility from 1Kg up to 3Kg of liquid mix, the automatic control manages the freezing cycle in relation to the type and quantity of mix. (Output volume, freezing time and percentage of overrun will vary depending on the type of product and ingredients used).

Whether you are new to the world of gelato or have years of experience, Taylor UK will offer you the knowledge you will need to make your gelato sales soar. We will even offer you personalised training at our Slough demonstration kitchen before you progress to place an order, and what’s more should you wish we can even design your ice cream area/parlour at no charge whatsoever.

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Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch Freezer

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