ISA Restart - Bar Pods

Restart project from ISA

The NEW normal, same habits

The world may have changed but good habits, such as enjoying a good coffee or a light lunch, remain the same.

With Restart, ISA have tried to offer specific solutions to keep the consumer experience in bars, cafe, and coffee shops intact through three key concepts; safety, fast operations, and customer ease.

Introducing BAR POD

ISA Restart – Bar Pods

ISA Bar Pod is a simple, innovative and safe “table” drink system.

There are two key elements: a magnetic base and a tray both finished in stainless steel. When combined, they create a small individual poseur table, perfect for responsible social distancing.

The customer chooses the products which they want and, when they’re ready, the bartender or barista hands the order to the customer on a perfectly sanitised tray. The customer then chooses the first free base and simply places the tray onto the base which will be secured in place by the integral magnet. Once the customer has finished, simply remove the tray, dispose of any debris and the tray can then be cleaned and sanitised again, in any commercial dishwasher, ready for the next service.

An optional light bar, with magnetic coupling, can be installed to highlight the correct distance between the tables and convenient ‘happy distance’ floor stickers can be used to create safety paths inside the shop or bar.

Bar Pod can become a new standard in fast, safe food service, particularly in high-turnover, high-throughput premises. The small size, low profile and fully stainless steel construction make it ideal for both inside and outside installation.

Download the ISA Restart Brochure here >>>

Simple and intuitive…

ISA Restart – Bar Pods

Once you’ve finished, clean up is easy…

ISA Restart – Bar Pods

Customers remain safe and happy!

Safe – Bar Pod ensures safe distance is maintained between customers.

Coffee at the table – Customers have a simple, fast and safe way to enjoy their order in their own individual position.

A taste of normality – Bar Pod’s minimal design will not alter the look of the store or bar maintaining a familiar relationship the barista/barman and their customers

For more information on the Bar Pod concept from ISA, contact Taylor UK 

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*ISA Bar Pod is patent pending – ISA Spa, all rights reserved

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