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Flavorblend CTP80BLD INT Soft Serve Flavouring System

The CTP80BLD INT system allows you to serve up to 8 different flavours of soft serve ice cream from one simple to use machine which fits within a standard Taylor C201 cart.

The FlavorBlend™ CTP80BLD INT system is at the cutting edge of soft ice cream technology. It’s a revolutionary add-on that allows you to dispense a variety of flavours from your single flavour soft ice cream machine. The system works by blending concentrated flavouring syrup through the ice cream as its being dispensed creating a unique, highly desirable product.

The FlavourBlend system has a full colour touch screen interface which controls all of the units functions whilst presenting point of sale information. Customers can upload their own images, logos and videos for complete customisation.

The CTP80BLD INT fits inside the standard C201 cart designed for the Crown ‘C’ series of single flavour soft serve machines, ideally the C708 & C706 pump machine for optimum output but it can be fitted to any Crown series machine as required.

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Machine type: FlavorBlend Soft Ice Cream Flavouring System

Power requirements: 1x 13amp socket

Dimensions: 660mm (h) x 488mm (w) x 762mm (d)

(The CTP80BLD INT can only be installed into a new C201 cart, retrofitting it into an existing cart is not possible)

Approximate output: As many as your soft serve machine can produce. 

Cleaning frequency: Rinse the system daily, strip monthly

Ideal for all applications including; Fast food operators, cafes, amusement parks, seaside kiosks

FlavorBlend Cones

FlavorBlend Cones







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