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Case Study – Burger Corner

Taylor C707

“I have had extensive experience with Taylor soft ice cream equipment from working with them previously at one of the major high street chains. I knew the quality and reliability of the equipment – that’s what I wanted for my business!”

“The Taylor C707 gives us a great product that we use for cones, sundaes and as an accompaniment for cakes and sweet treats. The reliability and speed of the machine means we have the output to manage during the busiest of periods.”

Mohammed Modasser – Owner

Ice Cream Sundae – Profit Example

Selling Price £0.99
Less VAT* £0.17*
Sub Total £0.82
Less Product Cost £0.30**
Profit per Portion £0.52
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £26.00
Selling Days 312
Nett Annual Profit £8,112.00


*VAT at 20% **Average product cost for regular sundae.


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