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Case Study – Picasso’s

Taylor C709 – 16oz Blended Shakes

“We wanted to open a new dessert parlour in Birmingham. To create the best desserts we needed the best equipment…

We were recommended Taylor UK by a friend in the industry. Following a consultation with Paul Richards we chose to buy a C709 soft serve machine and a ISA Millennium display cabinet for our ice cream.
We are delighted with the service and quality of the equipment and would not hesitate recommending Taylor UK to anyone!”

Omar Hammed – Owner

16oz Blended Shakes – Profit Example

Selling Price £4.20
Less VAT* £0.70
Sub Total £3.50
Less Product Cost £1.25**
Profit per Portion £2.25
Average Daily Servings 40
Nett Daily Profit £90
Selling Days 362
Nett Annual Profit £32,580.00


*VAT at 20%
**Typical product cost for a 16oz blended shake. Selling price, daily serving and serving days provided by Picasso’s.


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