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Case Study – Smith’s Leisure

Taylor C708 FlavorBurst™

“I had heard some outstanding reports about Taylor equipment and their back up facilities, as a result I decided to purchase their fourteen day clean machine which we have been really pleased with.”

“In addition to the soft ice cream machine, we purchased a FlavorBurst system believing it would significantly increase our sales. Prior to the purchase of the FlavorBurst unit we only sold one flavour, but now with the option to sell eight flavours, sales have just rocketed!”

Owen Smith – Owner

Soft Ice Cream Cone– Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.50
Less VAT* £0.20*
Sub Total £1.30
Less Product Cost £0.15**
Profit per Portion £1.15
Average Daily Servings 150
Nett Daily Profit £172.50
Selling Days 300
Nett Annual Profit £51,750.00


*VAT at 15% **Product cost allows for 117g of soft ice cream, cone & syrup.

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