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Charcoal Ovens & Grills

Charcoal Grills and Ovens from Josper, the experts in charcoal gastronomy. Established in 1969, Josper are the leading innovators in charcoal grill and oven technology. Passionate about cookery and taste, Josper grills and ovens are designed for the demands of the professional chef and the hospitality sector. If you're looking for the best in grilling ovens speak with the Taylor team.

Josper Charcoal Oven HJA-25-M

Josper HJA Charcoal Oven

The new CLASS A charcoal broiling oven is much more than a grill and an oven in a single machine. It is a unique equipment working 100% with charcoal, with a unique closed barbecue design, different levels of grilling, both flexible and robust, easy to use, with a front opening door, vent system for temperature […]

Josper Basque Grill PVJ-050-2

Josper Basque Grill

Open charcoal grilling for the modern chef… High-temperature resistant element which guarantees smooth, continuous movement of the grill. The Basque Grill has been designed for optimal thermal insulation:

Josper Combo grill and oven

Josper Combo Grill & Oven

The Josper Combo Grill & Oven is the perfect combination of two systems: the enclosed grilling system of the classic Josper charcoal oven and the traditional open Basque Grill in a single device.

Josper HJX-25-M Charcoal Oven

Josper HJX Charcoal Oven

Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. It works 100% with charcoal. A unique closed barbecue design. Different levels of grilling. Flexible and robust, easy to use, with a front opening door system. Vent system for temperature control.

Josper Rotisserie ASJ-130

Josper Rotisserie

Charcoal grilling from medieval times… The Rotisserie technique is an ancient, medieval technique to roast using a skewer or spit rod, which is ideal for large pieces of meat or poultry. It is the most primitive technique, where there is no barrier between the product and the ember (source of heat), no frying pan, casserole […]

Jopser Mangal MGJ-132

Josper Mangal

Charcoal grilling from the Middle East… At Josper we have embraced the Middle East culinary tradition. We have applied the latest technology to create the Josper Mangal, an open wood charcoal grill to cook using the Mangal style. The Josper Mangal is a multifunctional open grill. There are three key factors: an extra-large grilling area, […]

Josper Robatagrll RGJ-050

Josper Robatagrill

Charcoal grilling from the Far East… The Josper Robatagrill is the new charcoal grill for cooking in the robatayaki style. An ancient technique of Japanese culture consisting of grilling in front of the diners. The small portions of food are grilled on skewers over hot charcoal. Ideal for cooking all types of meat and fish […]


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