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Case Study – Bake ‘N’ Shake

Taylor C708 – Blended Milkshakes “Taylor was recommended to us by our frozen yogurt supplier. We met with our local Taylor UK sales manager, Simon Holdsworth, who advised us on our options. We’ve always served frozen yogurt but we knew that milkshakes were really ‘in vogue’ and that they could be highly profitable.” Bake ‘n’ Shake […]


Case Study – Coffi Co.

Taylor 428 – ‘Freak Shakes’ “We recognised that shakes were rapidly increasing in popularity and knew we had to produce something special with consistency in order to get ahead of the market”. “Following a consultation with Taylor UK, we decided to purchase a Taylor 428 shake freezer. The machine provides us with the base for all […]


Case Study – The Yog Shop

Taylor C713 – Frozen Yogurt Desserts Why did you choose Taylor UK? “After conducting some internet research we knew Taylor UK was a trusted and reliable supplier with good aftersales service.”  Why did you add frozen yogurt to your offer? “We’d discovered that there were no other frozen yogurt shops in North Wales, so we saw […]


Case Study – Soft Serve Society

Taylor C161 – Gourmet Soft Ice Cream Cones Soft Serve with a Twist! We chose Taylor because they’re both a reputable and very knowledgeable company, whose help and advice helped us make the decision to bring our concept to London.” “Soft serve ice cream is the core of our business. Put plainly and simply with out […]


Case Study – Janes Kiosk

Taylor 161 – Soft Ice Cream Cones “We had been using a single flavour soft ice cream machine which could not keep up with our demands, but the problem seemed un-fixable as we only had a limited amount of power available in our shop” “We contacted Taylor UK and discovered that the Taylor 161 twin flavour […]


Case Study – Afgan Dessert Lounge

Frigomat C125 “Being a traditional Afgan dessert parlour, we couldn’t cope with churning our ice cream by hand, it’s incredibly labour intensive and we were quite simply unable to make enough product to supply the demand which we had.” The Afgan Dessert Lounge chose a Taylor C125 counter top batch freezer. Its compact design means […]


Case Study – Picasso’s

Taylor C709 – 16oz Blended Shakes “We wanted to open a new dessert parlour in Birmingham. To create the best desserts we needed the best equipment… We were recommended Taylor UK by a friend in the industry. Following a consultation with Paul Richards we chose to buy a C709 soft serve machine and a ISA Millennium […]


Case Study – Oowee Diner

Taylor 430 – 16oz Shakes “When we opened our first site, shakes were something which we knew we had to offer. However, most of the regular methods of creating shakes were far too time consuming for us to consider… Eventually we made an enquiry with Taylor UK to find a solution which led us to […]


Case Study – Pop In Cafe

Taylor 150 – Soft Ice Cream Desserts “Having previously purchased a thick shake machine from Taylor UK, they were the natural choice when we looked to add soft ice cream to our menu. We have introduced ‘traditional classics’ like knickerbocker glories and Banana longboats on to our menu which wouldn’t have been possible without a soft […]


Case Study – Yogibare

Taylor C706 – ‘Yogi-Shakes’ “We conducted research into different equipment manufacturers and felt that the product produced by a Taylor Machine was superior to the others.” “Our Taylor UK sales manager provided a helpful and consultative approach which helped us choose a Taylor C706 and C723 for our business. We serve frozen yogurt desserts and […]

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